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Firedancer Coffee Consultants

Firedancer Coffee Consultants


White Cream

We represent some of the finest companies supplying various equipment for the entire coffee supply chain. Green Coffee Handling, Roasting, Grinding, Packaging, Brewing, and QC related equipment. Not only can we deliver great pricing, assuring you are getting the right piece of equipment for your particular application but most importantly, how to use it correctly.


IWCA Coffee Assessment Program

Firedancer utilizes our resources of cupping labs, coffee quality experts and the IWCA Global staff to advance the professionalization of IWCA’s cupping program. This new IWCA program has two key objectives: (1) test all of the coffee samples to ensure that they reach the appropriate market and (2) record meaningful, expert feedback that will be provided to each IWCA Chapter member about their samples


The Coffee Consultants

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