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Firedancer coffee Consultants

Firedancer Coffee Consultants

What We Do: Key Areas of Focus

Market Data

  • Identifying your market 

  • Interpreting data in specialty coffee – Sales and trends

  • Database – we have a large database of information on specialty coffee

  • Route to market program development


  • Business Plan Development

  • Production Facility Construction

  • Distribution Strategy

  • Equipment decisions

  • Standard Operating Procedure Development

  • Café Design and training

  • Green Coffee Purchasing Strategies

  • Start-up and Commissioning

  • Operator training on all equipment

Quality Control

  • Coffee blend Development

  • Roasting Profile Development

  • QC System Development

Firedancer Coffee Consultants


  • Conducting a GAP Analysis – where are you at?

  • Developing written Food Safety and HACCP plans

  • Developing Foreign Supplier Verification Plans

  • Protecting your employees' health and safety – OSHA

  • Roaster Emissions – Navigating the EPA

Firedancer Coffee Consultants


  • Production & Inventory Control techniques

  • Sales & Marketing Plan Development

  • Risk Management Analysis

  • Green Coffee Purchasing Risk Management 

  • Process Optimization Studies


The Coffee Consultants

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