Our Staff

MIKE EBERT is founder of Firedancer Coffee Consultants, dedicated to helping clients create a personalized strategy to ensurelong-­‐term success. He works primarily with roasters, producers and retailers, drawing from his extensive experience in all facets of the specialty coffee supply chain to guide clients in reaching their potential. Ebert is an Authorized SCA Trainer (AST) for the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA); a certified Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) and lead trainer for food safety; and co-­‐chairs curriculumfor the SCA Educational Advisory Council, which develops new educational experiences for the specialty coffee community.


RENEE ESPINOZA is co-­‐ founder of Firedancer Coffee Consultants, dedicated to helping clients create a personalized strategy toensure long-­‐term success. She runs Firedancer’s entire educational program, drawing from  her extensive experience in all facets of the specialty coffee supply chain to guide students     in reaching their potential. Espinoza is an Authorized SCA  Trainer  (AST)  for  the  Specialty  Coffee Association (SCA); holding Professional level  certificates  in  Brewing  and  Barista  Skills.  She  was  a founding chair for the professional Development Committee of the  SCAA  in  its former incarnation  and most recently a board member of the IWCA, an organization focused on empowering and  supporting women throughout the coffee supply chain. Renee currently is tasked with forming the U.S. chapter of       the IWCA.


LAUNTIA TAYLOR  Launtia has a proven leadership  track  record  in  Sales  and  Marketing  in  the  coffee and cocoa industry bringing over 20 years of experience to the Firedancer Team. She has served as the Chair for the SCAA’s Lectures Committee, a member of theRoasters Guild Executive Council, a Re-­‐co Ambassador for the SCAA Symposium  and on the NCA Summit Team. She also served as President of the IWCA Board of Directors. In this role, she was a speaker  at  the  2010  International  Coffee Organization’s World Coffee Conference in Guatemala. She led the strategic design and implementation of projects for clients spanning the coffee and cocoa industries.