Chris Wade has been involved in the Specialty Coffee industry for many years and have served on the Roasters Guild Executive Council as Chair in 2013. He has always found a great sense of community within the coffee roasting industry and has been proud to be an involved member. During his time on the Roasters Guild Council he oversaw the Roasting Certificate committee.  Chris has taught classes all over the world and finds sharing knowledge to be extremely awarding. 

Allen is the current Chair of the Roasters Guild.  He has developed customer training courses and regularly teaches cupping, service and all aspects of brewing. On a regional level, Allen is active in building the local barista/coffee culture, including teaching at Michigan's first SCAA regional skill building workshop. He is an accredited instructor for the SCAA, has taught at the National Association of Specialty Food (NASFT), and judged at many Rainforest Alliance Cup for Quality events. Allen believes there is something new to learn about coffee every day.

As the founder of Firedancer Coffee Consultants, Mike Ebert is dedicated to helping clients create a personalized strategy to ensure long-term success. He works primarily with roasters, producers and retailers, drawing from his extensive experience in all facets of the specialty coffee supply chain to guide clients in reaching their potential. Ebert is a specialized lead instructor for Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) certification programs and is chair of the SCAA's Coffee Business Certificate Committee, which develops new educational experiences for the specialty coffee community.  He has/had a hand in many positions up and down the supply chain.  

Renee Espinoza is the Director of Education Programs for Firedancer Coffee Consultants and can assist clients in the design and development of their training programs for specialty coffee.  Espinoza is a certified instructor for the SCAA and most recently was the Volunteers Coordinator managing all volunteers for their many events.  Prior to that she has served as the co-chair for the Professional Development Committee.  She has extensive experience in events, restaurant and café management as well as the creation and implementation of employee training programs. Renee is also a current board member of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance and committee member for the SCAA’s Global Education Committee.

Sandy Hon, is a twenty-something year industry veteran and founding member of the Barista Guild of America. She began volunteering for the SCAA and was able to gain an understanding of what it truly meant to prepare and serve espresso. During her tenure at SCAA, She competed in regional and national Barista competitions, served on the Training and Education committee, has instructed and facilitated espresso classes. Furthering her professional development, she began judging barista competitions. She has judged sensory and technical skills and even certified as a head judge, which enabled her to train other judges. Sandy spent a decade and a half working at Johnson County Community College where she oversaw three campus cafes and taught public coffee classes for continuing education and hospitality management. She continues to live out her days championing the cause for proper espresso extraction and techniques.