Food Safety

for your specialty coffee business

Introducing our new programs focused on helping roasters achieve compliance with food safety rules and regulations.

Food Safety 101
Offered monthly, this webinar is a starting point for anyone looking to learn more about the world of food safety. We will explore the new FSMA rules, HACCP plans, GMP’s & cGMP’s, recall plans and where to start; all focused on a coffee roasting plant. This is a 2-hour presentation, with handouts, and 30 minutes of question and answer. Included with the cost of registration are templates to help you get started. 

 Cold Brew 101

Cold brew is not just a fad anymore, it’s a whole market category that is the fastest growing segment of specialty coffee. Learn about the various methods used, with a focus on the elements of food safety when it comes to production and distribution. This 90-minute presentation includes a Q&A session. 

Coffee Industry HACCP/Preventive Control

This program is geared to compliance with established HACCP hazardous analysis for coffee product food manufacturers, that will include the Preventive Controls requirements under FSMA. This certification covers the Qualified Individual requirements under this new rule.

This comprehensive 2-Day course is established to align much of the established HACCP requirements, under the International HACCP Alliance requirements, with the new requirements under the FSMA Preventive Controls. This provides all of the key elements required under the Preventive Control rules for Food Safety Plan development and the updated GMP’s under 21 CFR Section 117.

This coursework includes:

  • Comprehensive coverage of FDA GMP’s and cGMP’s
  • Systematic method of conducting Hazard Analysis for Preventive Controls and HACCP
  • Organization and deployment of your Food Safety Team
  • Qualification requirements of for team members and Qualified Individual as specified by FSMA Preventive Controls and HACCP
  • Development and documentation of your FSMA/HACCP Food Safety Plan.   and the Internal Auditor training & program

The goal is to provide compliant level training of to FDA/FSMA Preventive Controls with established “best practice” level hazard analysis though the well-established International HACCP Alliance program.  

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