SCAA Professional Development certificate programs are based on industry-recognized standards.  Best practices are taught by carefully vetted, experienced instructors.

As the world's largest trade association for specialty coffee, SCAA classes and professional Certificates provide access to individual professional development and provide value to companies throughout the specialty coffee supply chain.  These certificates help individuals to maintain a competitive advantage, because they offer assurance by the Specialty Coffee Association of America that the individual has met all criteria established and developed by top industry professionals.

Other Industry Events:
We instruct and speak at many industry events throughout the world, such as SCAA, NCA, Coffee Fest, Specialty Food and restaurant shows all year long. Check our upcoming event page for more details.

SCAA Pathway certifications are offered in:
Barista  *  Roaster  *  Coffee Taster  *  Coffee Buyer  *  Brewing

We provide training on:
Basic, intermediate or advanced roasting   |   Profile roasting   |   Optimizing production   |   
Safe operating practices   Environmental control   |   Green coffee analysts   |   Roasted coffee analysis   |   Quality control   |   Coffee blending   |   Cupping and tasting

Specialty Coffee Association of America Certification Pathways

We offer multiple methods of training, at locations all across North America and the world. To find where, when and how to register, please visit the upcoming event page.  Our trainings themselves take different forms:

Through more than 250 combined years of thought leadership and technological innovation, Probat Burns has made the coffee industries what they are today. They are happy and willing to share their knowledge and passion with you to help you get the most out of your equipment and your beans. We customize our educational sessions for your needs and skill level — whether you are an experienced commercial coffee roaster or just starting a coffee roasting business.

Education services for your specialty coffee business