Certifications: Specialty Coffee Association of America‚Äôs certification programs in barista, brewing, roasting, tasting and coffee buying. These classes are offered throughout the world at SCAA certified labs.

Training:  We have a unique partnership at Probat Burns located in Vernon Hills, IL. We offer a regular schedule of roasting, cupping, and brewing classes at their world-class training laboratory.

Consulting: We have extensive experience in all facets of the specialty coffee supply chain. Firedancer Coffee Consultants can help put you on the road to achieving both your short and long term goals.

Helping your specialty coffee business reach it goals.

SCAA Certifications - Probat Burns Professional Roasting Training - Business Consulting Services Offered:

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Firedancer Coffee Consultants was founded to help & assist specialty coffee companies achieve success. Its staff has extensive experience in all facets of the specialty coffee supply chain and helps guide clients to a new level of success.  Through an educational approach, Firedancer is dedicated to helping clients create a personalized strategy that will ensure long-term success. Working primarily with roasters, producers and retailers, we have helped clients worldwide reach their full potential.

Whether it is Barista, Roasting, Cupping, Brewing or Buying expertise you seek, Firedancer Coffee Consultants is here to help you create, perfect and grow your specialty coffee program from inception and strategic planning to marketing and beyond.